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Mobility Equipment Rentals: Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

Renting from us, watch this short video for best practices and troubleshooting tips.  

Be sure to Charge Batteries every night for a full 8 hours.     Battery Video

Scroll below for additional tips.

  • golden-buzzaround-lt-3-wheel-mobility-scooter
    Mobility Scooters & Power Wheelchairs

    3 and 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters from some of our favorite manufacturers like Golden Technologies, Pride, Drive and Merits.  We have both travel and portable scooters available.  (Baskets are available upon request)

    Starting at $50

    Click here for Scooters & Power Wheelchairs Inventory

  • drive-silver-sport-wheelchair
    Manual Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs and Transport Wheelchairs to help get your loved one to and from appointments or go on an outing. 

    Standard Wheelchairs weigh around 30 pounds.  Transport chairs weigh around 15 pounds. Starting at $25

    Check our Manual Wheelchairs Inventory Here

  • pride-vivalift-elegance
    Lift Recliners

    Whether you are recovering from surgery, just had a baby, or are just trying to find a relaxing chair to watch TV we have powered recliners to help you find the most comfortable position.  They will even help you stand up. 

    Starting at $125

    Check our Lift Chair Recliner Inventory Here

  • advantage-ready-wide-bed-package
    Hospital Beds

    Hospital Beds come in many styles and comfort levels. They may also be known as Home Care Beds.

    The basic bed package starts at $150

    The clinical bed package starts at $325

    Check our Hospital Beds Inventory Here

  • medline-duet-rollator-transport-chair
    Walkers and Rollators

    Rollators and Knee Walkers are very handy during any recovery from surgery or an accident.  We have them for short and long term needs. 

    Starting at $25

    Check our Walkers and Rollators here

  • f400-foldable-portable-patient-lift
    Patient Lift

    Patient lifts are used to help caregivers transport patients who have limited mobility to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower or toilet.

    We exclusively use Span America electric lifts for ease of operation and portability.  You may know these as a "Hoyer" lift. 

    Starting at $45

    Check our Patient Lifts Inventory Here

  • donjoy-clear3
    Cold Therapy Units

    DonJoy® IceMan Clear3 provides a clear advantage with controlled delivery of cold therapy helping patients easily manage post-operative pain and swelling and regain range of motion. 

    Ideal for post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home use.

    Starting at $25

    Check Our Cold Therapy Rentals Here

  • troubleshooting-scooter
    Troubleshooting & Care of Rental Equipment

    Having trouble with your scooter or powerchair? We have provided this list of basic troubleshooting tips that will help you get up and running with most types of scooters, powerchairs, and other electric personal transport vehicles.

    Watch Rental Equipment Troubleshooting with Tina and John

    There are several reasons why a scooter may fail to operate even when the battery is fully charged:

    The key is not in the scooter correctly.

    • Insert the scooter key into the keyhole and turn it to the ON position.

    Manual free-wheeling switch or lever.

    • Ensure that the manual freewheeling switch (or lever) is in the OFF position. This switch (or lever) is present so that you can disengage the motor and braking systems if you ever need to push the scooter manually for a short distance.

    Power-save mode has activated. (Lithium batteries)

    • Remove the key from the scooter and wait for at least 30 seconds, then place the key back into the scooter. The power-save feature prevents the battery from being discharged while the scooter is not moving and while the key is in the vehicle. The activation time for this feature will differ based on your scooter type but generally ranges anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes.

    Circuit breaker needs to be reset.

    • Push the main circuit breaker button to reset the motor. On some scooters, this is labeled the RESET button.

    The batteries are not seated/connected properly.

    • Ensure that both batteries are seated correctly in the scooter base. For clip-type batteries, ensure that both clips are connected fully to their respective battery terminals

    The batteries were not charged properly.

    • SLA batteries require nightly charging.  When you go to bed put your scooter on charge for a full 8 hours with the charger provided.  Plug the charger into the scooter first and then into the power outlet.  Do not plug in for interval charges.  This will shorten the life cycle of the batteries and can leave you without power.  

    Operating on an upward slope

    • Hesitation may occur if you are operating the scooter on an inclined surface. Most scooters will run fine on a slight upward slope, but at a slower speed (or not at all if the slope is too great).

    Traveling or Flying?

    • Always let us know you are traveling or flying with your rental equipment. Please note you are still responsible for all damages if they occur.
    • ADA allows mobility equipment on airlines. Please check with your carrier for specific instructions prior to flying.
    • Take pictures before and after your flight. If you see any damages, please notify the airlines within an hour of your arrival. They may cover the cost of damages if you go through their procedures.


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