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Mobility Wheelchair/Scooter Ramps

At My Mobility Medics we carry products from some of our favorite manufacturers like Harmar, PVI and Merits.  We have a variety of ramps for your needs. The run length depends on the rise from the surface to the ground.

Incline Platform Lifts Incline Platform Lifts


Designed for transporting a user and their manual wheelchair up a straight stairway.

Elevation Modular Ramps Elevation Modular Ramps


Configurable ramp system for residential application


Power Chair / Scooter Loading Ramp Calculator

Verticle Rise Inches
(Vertical height of the loading surface to the ground in inches)
Recommended Ramp Length Foot Ramps
(Ramp Length needed to load a Power chair / scooter when not occupied)


Note: Please use this scooter & wheelchair ramp calculator ONLY AS A GUIDE for determining the ramp length you need to load your wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle.  This is NOT for occupied chair entry ramps.  See ADA specifications below. 

ADA Ramp Specifications
  • Ramps may have a maximum slope of 1:12.
  • Ramps must be a minimum of 36 inches wide. ...
  • All edges must be protected to keep anyone from slipping off.
  • All ramps shall have top and bottom landings as wide as the ramp itself and at least 60 inches long.
  • Landing size must be at least five feet square.

Please Enter the Inches

Inches must be a Number